Pathfinder for Sources for the Great Gatsby

Reasons why the Roaring Twenties really did roar
Lawless Decade: A Pictorial History of the Twenties
American Cultural History: 1920's

1.New York City History

1918-1928: Manhattan's third decade
History of Great Neck

2. Prohibition/Organized Crime


3. Women's Rights/19th Amendment

Women's suffrage and the 19th Amendment
Passage of the 19th Amendment, 1920

4. Jazz, Music, Flappers

Jazz Age Music

5. Scandals: Sports, Politics, Entertainers

Fatty Arbuckle
Murder of William Desmond Taylor
Teapot Dome
Black Sox Scandal of 1919
"Golden Age of Sports"
Leopold and Loeb
Sacco and Vanzetti
Famous Scandals of the 1920's

6. Automobiles

Classic Car Ads

7. Stock Market

Economic History: the Roaring Twenties
U.S. Politics- The Coolidge Era and the Consumer Economy

8. Fashion

Fashions of the Twenties
Flapper Station
Changing Image of Woman - Fashion of the 1920's

9. Art: Trends (Deco), Artists ,Influences

List of Artists and Art Movement with links to works and history
Famous Artists of 1925
Art Deco
Georgia O'Keefe
john held jr

10. Class/Education

11. Literature/Writers/Modern Period/Significant Events

Harlem Renaissance
The Harlem Renaissance
Lost Generation of Post WWI
Algonquin Round Table

12. F.S. Fitzgerald and Zelda

The Life of Fitzgerald and Zelda in the 1920's- F. Scott Fitzgerald

13. Changing Social Values of the Time Period.

Scopes Trial and Evolution
Isolationism, Communism and Socialism
Cars and Increased Mobility
"Coolidge Prosperity" and the rise of consumerism
Mass communication
The "New Woman"
Race, Immigration and Anti-Alien Sentiment

14. Expats: The Lost Generation

The Lost Generation
Literary Expatriates in Europe
F. Scott Fitzgerald: American Expatriate of the Lost Generation