Medieval Research Pathfinder


Medieval Castles
Medieval Kings and Castles
Life in a Medieval Castle
Book: The Medieval Castle
Book: Life in a Medieval Castle
Book: Castles and Cathedrals: The Great Buildings of Medieval Times


Book: A Medieval Knight
Book: Knights: Warriors of the Middle Ages
Book: Knight: A Pictorial History


History of Charlemagne
Book: Great Conquerors

4.Myths & Legends

Tristan and Isolde
Song of Roland (Chanson de Roland)
El Cid
Charlemagne, the Legend
Medieval Beastiary
Book: Song of Roland


Feudal Life
The Feudal Society of the Middle Ages
The Lord of the Manor
Peasant Life


Book: Cathedral: the story of its construction


Book: History of Weapons and Warfare: The Middle Ages
Book: Weapons: an international encyclopedia
Book: Arms and Armor

8.King Arthur

9.The Crusades

Book: The Crusades: The Two Hundred Years War
Book:Historical Atlas of the Crusades

10.Falconry and Hunting

What is Falconry
Ancient and Medieval Falconry

11.Life in the Middle Ages

Town Life
Medieval Food
Daily Life
Book: Daily Life in the Middle Ages
Book: Everyday LIfe in Medieval Europe
Book:LIfe in a Medieval City

12. Games and Entertainment

Entertainment in Medieval Times
Entertainment in the Middle Ages
Book: Sports and Games of Medieval Culture

13.Monks and Monasteries

Monastic Life
The Church
LIfe in a Christian Monastary, ca. 585
Daily Life of a monk in the Middle Ages
Book: Life in a Medieval Monastery

14.Medieval Entertainment

Medieval Life and Times
Book: York Mystery Plays
Book: Cambridge Companion to Medieval English Theater

15.William the Conquerer

Book: William the Conquerer