To create a book trailer, follow these steps.

1. After reading the book, decide on several favorite or crucial scenes.
2. Decide how to illustrate the scenes. You can use photos you find online (attributed, of course), take your own photos, use drawings, powerpoint slides, etc.
3. Use a service such as Freeplaymusic to get copyright free background music. Do not use commercial music from CDs or downloads as we will want to post these trailers and we won't have permission to use commerical music.
4. Use Windows movie maker or Imovie to blend together pictures, slides, music and text.
5. Final slide should be a works cited for pics and music. (Cite yourself if you took the photos or used your own drawing.)
6.. Share with us by uploading to DragonTube. (Mrs. Larson or Mrs. Roberts can help.)

Here are some samples to get you started!